Created With Reason, Giving Everyone A Chance To Be Bold

Logan Harrison started as an idea, a dream, a passion of mine. But it never truely come to life until i opened my ears and listening to the friends and family around me when they said, they really wanted to gift their partners with high quality jewellery but the price tag that came along side it was extremely out of their price range. That's when it click, that when i know i could change that, that's when Logan Harrison was born.

My soul purpose for this brand isn't to make money, it's to create a family of like minded people that all share the passion to express themselves whatever way they please. I believe my pieces give an individual compelling confidence in themselves and the way they look and feel. They're not just jewellery pieces to me, they're a symbol of the attitude to #bebold and to crush any challenges that life puts in front of them.

We want you to join the family & community we are building here, upgrade you attire, and join us!


Elevate Your Style & Be Bold

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