Our team believe in growing a strong, passionate & like-minded group of people around the brand. This ensures people want to be apart of the community we are building, and it starts with you. 
If you'd like to become a Logan Harrison ambassador, please head over to our Instagram page (@loganharrisonofficial) and give us a DM there! Or alternatively, you can following the following steps!
  1. After you make your first purchase, send us a DM on Instagram. We will then create your very own 10% off promo code. This can be a code of your choosing.

  2. You will then promote this code on your social media accounts. By posting pictures including our products, tagging us and telling your followers to shop with Logan Harrison using your personalised 10% off promo code. 

  3. Our system then tracks how many sales your code gets, and the total value of the orders.
  4. You will receive a 15% cash commission on everything sold through your promo code, and we will link it up to automatically send funds to your PayPal account.

Our Instagram (@loganharrisonofficial)